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How to improve code quality using Codacy
First it’s not a paid article, im describing by own experience with Codacy

The code works” isn’t where you stop; it’s where you start.

First, you write the software to prove to yourself (or a client) that the solution is possible, as a proof-of-concept.
The second time, you make it work.
The third time, you make it work right.
For that you have not only to have a code that works, but a code with a better quality.

A quality code is one that is clear, simple, well tested, bug-free, and performant.

Codacy let’s you Ship high-quality code on 40+ programming languages.
And all of that for free (for open source projects)

You can use Codacy to enforce your code quality standard, save time in code reviews, enforce security best practices and onboard developers faster. Integrate with your GitHub repositories to get quality analysis of every pull request inside GitHub.

  1. Login to Codacy

2. Add your repository
At the left menu go to: Repositorys
Then click on Add repository button on the right

3. scan your code for issues
Codacy will automatically scan you code for issues:
. code style
. Error prone
. Security

. Performance

. Compatibility

. Code complexity
. Documentation

. Unused code
. ….

And you can even add more options from “Code patterns" on the left menu.

And what i love more about Codacy, is that it works perfectly with the Github workflow, when ever you pull a commit, it automatically scans it and gives you a detailed stat about issues in each commit, its very useful when you work with other developers

And even sends you an email notification.

4. Adding a Codacy badge to your Github readme
Go to settings on the left menu, then just copy the code



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