Openadhan: Muslim prayer times PWA made with ReactJS

Adel Benyahia
2 min readApr 3, 2022


Openadhan is a Web application made with Reactjs for calculating Muslim prayer times using local (auto) geo position (geotagging) or manually calculated geo position (reverse geotagging) (with city search).

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How to get the source code of Quranipfs?

Well, you can get Openadhan source code from Github (link)

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✔ Simple to use:

With responsive navigation menu mobile ready (sandwich) with active class to show the active (current) page, animated cards with minimalist white design and transparent footer, using Material UI v5

✔ Auto position:

calculating the location using the coordinates (latitude and longitude) calculated with the device sensors then showing the related city name using two different geotagging API (Nominatim API: free open source, Bigdatacloud API: free limited)

✔ Manual position(reverse geotagging):

searching for geoposition manually using city's name with the help of reverse geotagging API( Nominatim API: free open source)

✔ Made with ReactJS:

ReactJS v.17 and React-router v.6

✔ PWA ready:

with service worker, manifest file, installable

✔ Multi language (Arabic, English):

You can change the application UI language with a simple drop-down select menu, using React hooks and React Context API.

✔ Configuration page:

To adapt the app to your needs (UI, Adhan configuration, location, show/hide cards).

✔ Save/load configuration from localStorage API:

the configuration and geoposition is saved to the local storage using :localStorage API.

✔ Offline API fetch:

The results from Geoposition API fetch are saved in localstorage and loaded if there is no internet connection.


Desktop (Configuration - English)

Desktop (Configuration - Arabic)

Mobile (Menu - English) Mobile

Libraries used:

✔ ReactJS
✔ React-router v6

✔ MaterialUi v5.

✔ AdhanJS

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